Price for in-house guestsPrice for external guests
BilliardsFree4 € / hour
Bicycles3 € / hour3 € / hour
Ping – pongFree3 € / hour
DartsFree3 € / hour
Outside trampolinesFreeFree
Outside children playgroundFreeFree
Price for in-house guestsPrice for external guests
BedmintonFree2 € / hour
Sticks for nordic walkingFree5 € / 3 hours
Table footballFree1 € / chip
Board gamesFree-
Swimming tools for children Free-
TwistterFree3 € / hour


Orava Dam (“Oravská priehrada”) is a part of Orava river, built at the confluence of the White and Black Orava. It is located in the north of Slovakia, in the eponymous region. Slanica island (“Slanický ostrov”) is a part of Orava dam and we definitely recommend you to pay a visit to both places.


Orava Castle (“Oravský hrad”) is one of the most beautiful castles in Slovakia situated in the village Oravský Podzámok. It is a significant landmark of Orava region and is among the most important monuments of castle architecture in Slovakia. The castle is open to the public daily from May till March.


Slanica island (“Slanický ostrov”) also called the Island of art, is an island surrounded by Orava water dam Orava since 1953. It is a relic of a flooded village Slanica with preserved Church of Exaltation of the Holy Cross. The church was built in 1766 – 1769 as a baroque chapel and in 1843 it was rebuilt as a church with two towers and attached “Zámočnícka kaplnka”.


For your smallest ones we have prerepared a mini children playgroundsuitable for all children under 6 years. You can find it in the restaurant area.We wish the children a lot of fun!


Badminton (although with variations) overcame several centuries and nowadays is becoming increasingly more popular. Players can very well regulate the physical demands of this sport. That’s why badminton brings along a lot of fun. We don’t know a person who hasn’t played badminton at least once in a life. And most of us have some pleasant memories associated with it. Badminton reminds us of holiday, summer, sandy beaches, and thus it not only improves the physical condition, but also the good mood. We offer badminton to our hotel guests for free!


Walking is such a natural movement that it is often not even considered to be a sport. And that’s a mistake. Walks can greatly benefit to the human organism. You can choose from some many pretty paths from our hotel!


Do you fancy cross-country skiing? Then you are at the right place! Cross-country skiing can not only reduce stress but it also trains 90% of your muscles. Gliding over the snow also protects joints. Cross-country skiing is undeniably one of the healthiest winter activities.


Do you love summer, mountains and long walks? Then you are at right place! We provide Nordic walking sticks to our hotel guests for free. You wander what the Nordic Walking is? It is a great sport suitable not only for the summer, but all year round. It origins in the Scandinavian countries, where skiers have chosen it as an ideal activity during summer training. In Finland it was introduced as an official training program for the whole body in 1997 and it became a new hit.


As we are a mountain hotel in the ski resort, skiing is the No. 1 sport here. The advantage is not only in the hotel location (only 20 meters from the slopes) but also the excellent location of the resort itself, which will ensure great snow conditions until Easter. The slope is suitable for slightly advanced skiers and is also great for children who can enjoy the children ski school. Experienced skiers can try the modern electronic timekeeping for free during the winter season. Remember that skiing is not only beneficial to the body but also to the soul. The active recreation brings a lot of fun and if you choose to ski with someone close, you build and enrich your relationships through shared memories. The combination of skiing and fresh mountain air is extremely beneficial to your health!


Mountain biking and cyclotourism belong to the the sports that both Czechs and Slovaks perform most often. Beginning of spring season is ideal for natural cyclotours suitable for bike lovers of all ages. According to doctors, the cycling is beneficial to human health, but it is important to properly adapt to current health state of each cyclist and follow safety rules. All our hotel guests can borrow bicycles for free.


Mushroom picking belongs to favorite relaxing activities and hobbies of many people.Thanks to their unique taste and aroma they are a popular delicacy in the kitchen.It is a real treat that can be prepared in various ways such as stewing, roasting or drying. They are irreplaceble due to their unique taste and smell. As all other dishes,mushrooms have their fans and enemies. In our resort and its surroundings you can find a mushroom paradise from May till the end of August.


Do you like to wander in woods and pick some blueberries? You will find this activityvery relaxing and enjoy it even more knowing that fresh fruit is full of vitamin C and other antioxidants. These dark purple balls will strengthen your eye sight, stopdiarrhea, equalize blood sugar and reduce cholesterol. There is a blueberry paradisein here during July and August


Puchmajer´s pond is a small peat lake located in “Oravská Magura”. It is based in the headwaters of the creek “Hruštínka” at an altitude of 1200 m a.s.l. It occupies an area of 0.10 hectares and is 5-6 m deep. It is a protected area since 1976, and it belongs to the part of the “CHKO Horná Orava” – Zone B, which protects the fen vegetation (fourth level of protection). The forests in this area are only minimally affected by human activities and they represent examples of native ecosystems. The lake has a cultural meaning too. It is associated with several rumors, for example, that a boat suitcase sailed from there, or that a young girl was crying on top of it and died before her wedding and turned into a fairy.

Do you want to know how to get there from the hotel? Read carefully: you will not find any tourist trail or indications to the lake. The unmarked trail begins at the end of “Vasiľovská hoľa” on the left, short after entering the forest. From the top of “Vasiľovská hoľa” you need to follow the blue indication towards “Minčol” until you see a board on a tree saying “C zóna – územie európskeho významu” (C zone – the territory of European importance). Turn left in front of this sign and after a few meters you will reach a 2km path that will lead you to the pond. Good luck!


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